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IES Exam Pattern 2022: Pre, Mains Paper, Marking Scheme (In 1 Minute)

UPSC conducts the ESE (Engineering Services Examination) annually to recruit engineers of four branches – Mechanical, Civil, Telecommunication, and Electrical & Electronics engineering. The recruited candidates are then appointed in different ministries and departments of the government such as Telecom, Railways, CPWD, Naval Armaments, and NHAI. The recruited candidates are referred to as Class-1 officers.

The ESE exam is also referred to as the IES (Indian Engineering Services) exam. It is conducted in two phases – the Prelims and the Mains. Only the candidates who qualify in the Prelims will be able to write the Mains exam. The Prelims will be conducted in two parts – Paper-1 and Paper-2. To begin the preparation for the exam, the candidates must be well-aware of the examination pattern and syllabus.

ESE Prelims 2022 Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Following is the exam pattern of the ESE Prelims Paper-1:

  • Contains only objective type questions
  • Questions will be based on Engineering Aptitude and General Studies
  • The maximum time allotted for the exam is 2 hours
  • The maximum allowed is 200

Following is the exam pattern of the ESE Prelims Paper-2:

  • Contains only objective type questions
  • Questions will be based on Engineering Discipline
  • The maximum time allotted for the exam is 3 hours
  • The maximum allowed is 300

Given below is the syllabus for the ESE Prelims 2022 Paper-1 & Paper-2:

Prelims Syllabus
Paper-1 Current affairs, Environment, Construction and production, Maintenance, Importance of Safety, General Design & Drawing Principles, Material Science and ICT, Energy Basics Project Management, Ethics and Values in Engineering, Engineering Mathematics, Logical Reasoning & Analytical Ability

Civil Engineering

Solid Mechanics, Building Materials, Steel Structures Design, Construction Practice and Management, Concrete design and Masonry structures

Mechanical Engineering

Power Planting Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, IC Engines Refrigeration, Turbo Machinery, Thermodynamics and Heat Paper

Telecom Engineering

Analog and Digital Circuits, Network Theory, Basic Electronics Engineering, Materials Science, Basic Electrical Engineering, Electronic Instrumentation and Measurements

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Mathematics, Electrical Materials, Electronic Measurements, Electric Circuits, Computer Fundamentals, Basic Electronic Engineering

Subject-wise preparation strategy for ESE Prelims 2022

General Knowledge

The G.K. section includes both current affairs and static G.K. Hence, the paper will examine how well-aware you are about your country, your surroundings, and the world. Most questions will be related to geography, history, and polity. The difficulty level of the questions is very easy, such that any candidate with basic knowledge can answer them. Given below are a few preparation tips to improve your General Knowledge:

  • Subscribe to English newspapers like Indian express or the Hindu.
  • Watch English news channels and debates regularly to keep you updated.
  • Refer to reputed many G.K books.
  • Solve as many previous years’ question papers.

General English

The General English section is to test the candidate’s basic knowledge and comprehension of the language. Here are some preparation tips to improve your proficiency in English:

  • Refer to reputed English grammar guide books, such as Intermediate English Grammar by Raymond Murphy.
  • Read an English newspaper every day and try to learn a new word every day to improve vocabulary.
  • Learn the synonyms and antonyms of common English words.
  • Practice solving previous years’ question papers and mock tests.

Technical Engineering subjects

The major technical subjects must not be very hard for preparation. This is because these subjects are already a part of the syllabus in engineering graduation studies. This section aims to test the technical engineering knowledge of a candidate. Mentioned below are a few tips to help you prepare for the technical subjects:

  • Make sure you cover all the topics in the IES syllabus with BYJU’s Exam Prep. However, it is not necessary to study any topic other than what is included in the syllabus. Hence, do not waste time preparing topics out of the syllabus unless you have time.
  • Start preparing from the subject that is easier for you, and then move to other subjects. This will make your preparation quick and easy.
  • Don’t prepare topics from multiple subjects. Stick to one subject at a time.
  • Solve as many mock tests and try to complete them within the deadline. This will help improve your time management skills.
  • Focus on derivations and formulas. Learn the techniques of solving the questions and apply them to different questions.
  • Solve all mock questions related to repetitive topics altogether. This will improve your knowledge of the topics.
  • Only around 30% of the questions are repetitive every year. Hence, focus on other questions from the previous years’ questions and familiarize with them.
  • Make short notes for topics and list all the formulas together. This will help you learn the subjects and formulas better.
  • You may not be able to understand all topics in one go. Hence, ensure that you read all the topics alternatively, for a solid understanding and proper revision of the topics.
  • Try to rush through your B.E or B. Tech subjects once again, to improve your foundation in engineering knowledge.

Some tips and tricks to crack the ESE Prelims 2022

Here are a few tips for you to ace the ESE Prelims 2022 exam.

  • Solve as many ESE mock tests and previous years’ question papers available at BYJU’s Exam Prep as you can. Also, record the scores to know your stand in the preparation.
  • Study your solved papers to identify your weakest sections or areas and work on them.
  • During final revisions, only refer to your notes and formulas. This will help you recall your topics better and understand the status of your preparation.
  • Get good sleep and avoid staying up studying late at night. This may make you tired and affect your performance. 
  • Most importantly, keep calm. Do not become too anxious ahead of the exam. It makes you forget what you learned and thus affects your performance.
  • Do not try to study any new topic or question right before the examination. Stick to what you’ve learned and have faith in your preparation.
  • Do not become nervous when giving the exam since this affects your thinking and makes solving even simple questions complicated.

Make sure you are well-prepared for the ESE Prelims before you leave your house. Do not leave anything for the last minute. ESE is just another competitive examination that can be quite easy for those who are prepared. Hence, put your faith in yourself and give the exam with confidence!

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