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Many young Indians strive to complete their postgraduation in America. The country has five of the world’s top ten universities, making it an educational hub for students from around the world. A postgraduate degree from America can enhance your resume and boost your career trajectory. Let’s look at how to make the most of postgraduation in USA for Indian students.

Why Should I Pursue Postgraduate Courses in USA?

American universities offer students more than regular degrees and programmes. They also have several postgraduate vocational courses, making it the most popular destination for Indian students. Universities in the US focus on getting students job-ready. Let’s look at the top reasons to study in USA for Indian students after graduation.

Global Opportunities

Top employers and other international schools view a postgraduate degree from American colleges favourably. These institutions offer quality education, unparalleled research opportunities and a global outlook.

International Exposure

America welcomes students from several countries around the world. Indian students gain exposure to multiple cultures, giving them a unique perspective. It also enables them to work closely with all kinds of people, regardless of their backgrounds.

Well-Structured Curriculum

Graduate schools in America focus on creating job-ready individuals. They build a curriculum that places importance on real-life experience and exposure. Additionally, most postgraduate programmes offer research opportunities after your course.

What Postgraduate Programmes Are Available in America?

After you complete a bachelor’s degree, you can opt to pursue any of the following types of postgraduate programmes in America:

Professional Masters

These courses help you gain mastery over a particular subject to prepare you for work.

Academic Masters

These courses prepare you for further studies, such as a doctoral degree.

Doctoral Degrees

These are the most advanced degrees, taking between four to eight years to complete. Doctoral degrees have both coursework and a dissertation.

Popular Postgraduation Courses in America

American colleges offer multiple postgraduate degree options. Students from India may choose to pursue one of the following:

  • Architecture and Building Planning
  • Aviation
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • General Management and Business
  • Law
  • Mass Communication and Media
  • MBA
  • Medicine and Life Sciences
  • Music, Dance and Theatre
  • Sales, Marketing and Retailing

Many Indians hope to complete their postgraduation in medicine in America. Medical and life sciences courses attract numerous students from India each year.

Who Is Eligible to Complete a Postgraduate Degree in America?

Every American college lists its eligibility criteria on its website. However, there are some basic things every Indian should know before applying. Students must meet the following eligibility criteria to pursue their postgraduation in America.

16 Years of Education

Most American colleges require students to complete 16 years of education, including a four-year bachelor’s degree. However, some colleges accept three-year diploma courses and a pre-masters programme. Always check your preferred university’s requirements before applying.

GPA Score

Universities evaluate every student’s GPA before granting admission. Some colleges require a minimum GPA of 3, while others may accept students with a lower GPA.

Work Experience

Colleges offering vocational courses often ask for evidence of work experience along with the application form. 

Entrance Exams

Most people who head to America for their postgraduation hope to complete an MBA. You require a top score in the GMAT to gain admission to any of America’s best business schools. For other courses, you must secure a high score in English language exams like the IELTS and TOEFL.

Cost of Completing a Postgraduate Degree in America

Students pursuing postgraduate degrees in America can expect to pay between USD 20,000 to USD 60,000 per year. Roughly, the cost works out to INR 17,00,000 to INR 54,00,000 per year. Additionally, individuals must account for their living costs, entrance exam fees and admission paperwork fee. Let’s look at the various costs involved in studying in America:

  • One-time GRE fees – INR 18,000
  • One-time TOEFL fees – INR 15,500
  • One-time application fee – Between INR 5,000 and INR 12,000
  • One-time visa fee – INR 13,000
  • One-way flight cost – Between INR 50,000 and INR 80,000
  • Per year tuition fee – Between INR 16 lakhs and INR 55 lakhs
  • Per year accommodation cost – Between INR 10 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

The total cost could be between INR 53 lakhs and INR 1.5 crores over two years. Doctoral degrees can cost much more since they require more time.

Funding Your Postgraduation in America

Some students find the cost of pursuing their higher education in the USA very high. They may choose to give up on their academic aspirations. An education loan can help these students pursue their postgraduation goals without worrying about their finances. Several financial institutions in India offer loans for students who hope to study in America. Students who want to pursue their postgraduation often enjoy student-friendly interest rates and flexible repayment policies. These loans can allow bright young students to achieve their academic dreams and enjoy fulfilling careers in the future.

If you hope to complete a degree abroad, you shouldn’t let financial obstacles stand in your way. Education loans can help you fund your postgraduation in America.

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