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Established in 1976, National Textile University is the premier institute of textile education in Pakistan. NTU is located in Faisalabad which is the hub of textile industry in Pakistan. The university has trained students for the growing needs of the textile industry of Pakistan and is the only university that offers such comprehensive courses related to textile industry. The university is famous for its faculty of Engineering and technology.

 The university offers degrees under the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Engineering and Technology
  • Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Management Sciences
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Degree Programs

  • Arts & Design
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Fashion Design Bachelors 152000 4
  • Business & Management
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Business Administration Bachelors 140000 4
    Business Administration Masters 94000 4
    Finance Masters 94000 2
    Marketing Masters 94000 2
    Textile Management & Marketing Bachelors 140000 2
  • Computer Science & IT
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Computer Science Bachelors 132000 4
    Computer Science Masters 70000 2
    Computer Science Doctorate 76000 3
  • Engineering & Technology
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Advanced Materials Engineering Masters 70000 2
    Polymer Engineering Bachelors 140000 4
    Software Engineering Bachelors 130000 4
    Textile Design Bachelors 152000 4
    Textile Engineering Doctorate 76000 3
    Textile Engineering Masters 70000 2
    Textile Engineering Bachelors 120000 4
    Textile Technology Bachelors 152000 4
  • Natural Sciences
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Chemistry Doctorate 76000 3
    Mathematics Masters 94000 2


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