National Defence University (NDU)

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Established in 1970 as Staff College, NDU was awarded the status of a university in 2007. NDU is a public/military institution for advanced and higher education located in Islamabad. NDU helps joint military leadership in understanding issues related to national security and offers critical learning in developing and formulating the defence strategy. The university is managed by military and is headed by a three star military general who is called the president and is the head of faculty.

The university offers bachelors, masters and Ph.D. degrees under the following schools:

  • National Security College
  • Armed Forces War College
  • Faculty of Cotemporary Studies
  • Institute of Strategic Studies; Research and Analysis
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Degree Programs

  • Business & Management
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Leadership & Management Studies Masters 60000 2
    Leadership & Management Studies Doctorate 60000 3
    Leadership & Management Studies Bachelors 100000 4
    Leadership & Management Studies Masters 50000 2
    Project Management Masters 60000 2
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Conflict & Peace Studies Bachelors 100000 4
    Conflict & Peace Studies Masters 50000 2
    Conflict & Peace Studies Masters 60000 2
    Conflict & Peace Studies Doctorate 60000 3
    International Relations Doctorate 60000 3
    International Relations Bachelors 100000 4
    International Relations Masters 50000 2
    International Relations Masters 60000 2
    Strategic Studies Bachelors 100000 4
  • Others
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Strategic & Nuclear Studies Masters 50000 2
    Strategic & Nuclear Studies Masters 60000 2
    Strategic & Nuclear Studies Doctorate 60000 3
  • Public Administration
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Government & Public Policy Bachelors 100000 4
    Government & Public Policy Masters 50000 2
    Government & Public Policy Masters 60000 2
    Government & Public Policy Doctorate 60000 3


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