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Rolling out of the University of Peshawar IM|Sciences established its separate campus in Hayatabad and became a degree awarding institute in 2005. IM|Sciences has proven to be the best management school in KPK. Known for its bachelors program in business administration, the school has started to progress tremendously in research through its MS program as well. After excelling on the provincial level, IM|Sciences now aspires to compete with the top notch business schools of the country, but it certainly will take quite a while for this young school to do so.

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Degree Programs

  • Business & Management
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Business Administration Bachelors 101 4
    Business Administration Masters 109 3
    Business Administration Masters 109 2
    Finance Masters 109 2
    Finance And Accounting Bachelors 101 4
    Management Doctorate 161 3
    Management Masters 109 2
    MBA Banking And Finance Masters 109 2
    Project Management Masters 109 2
  • Computer Science & IT
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Computer Science Bachelors 101 4
    Computer Science Doctorate 161 3
    Computer Science Masters 109 2
    Information Technology Masters 109 2
  • Engineering & Technology
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Software Engineering Bachelors 101 4
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Applied Economics Masters 109 2
    Development Studies Masters 109 2
    Economics Doctorate 161 3
    Economics Bachelors 101 4
    Social Sciences Bachelors 101 4
  • Linguistics
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    English And Communication Masters 109 2
  • Public Administration
    Major Level Fee per Semester (Rs.) Duration (Years)
    Public Administration Masters 109 2


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